Why I’m Glad Christmas is Over

As soon as Christmas is over, the kids are counting down til the next one.  If you listen closely, though, you can hear sighs of relief from parents all over the world.


Instead of telling you the reasons I’m glad Christmas is over, I thought I’d show you:









The first reason I’m glad Christmas is over is that we can now recover from all the mess! It will literally take days to wade through all of the trash and dirty dishes, and get everything put  up where it belongs…










Reason #2: The Christmas tree is looking pretty sad. Today the decorations come down and our house can get back to “normal.”










We can now USE all the fun stuff that’s been lying under the tree, stuck in boxes and covered with tape.  (This one is a McDonald’s gift card that my kids are super-excited about, by the way.)














This picture represents two things to me.

You know you feel when you’ve eaten too much? (Did you feel that way on Christmas? I sure did.) You can’t stand the thought of eating anything else? That’s how I always feel about spending money by the time the Christmas shopping season is over. I can’t stand the thought of spending anything else!  (That’s the reason for our spending freeze.)

But the other thing this represents to me is even more exciting.  This $20 bill was given to me by my daughter.  She’s 9 years old and has the sweetest heart. She’s been telling her grandparents about this gift for weeks.  She made a card and wrapped it up and put it under the tree, and has been so excited for Christmas because she couldn’t wait for us to open it.  9 year olds have a pretty limited income source, so $20 is a lot of money to her.  I literally cried when I opened it – her sweet generosity is an example to me of how I want to live my life.

So the main reason I’m glad Christmas is over is the wonderful memories that we created this year.  It’s always a difficult, busy season, but it is so rewarding in many ways.  The time spent with family and friends is priceless, and we love watching the excitement in our kids’ eyes over everything that the holiday season brings.  I hope you’ve had time to slow down and enjoy the season – even while you’re glad it’s over.


*All photos in this post were taken by my 6year-old, a budding photographer who has been trying out his gift from Santa.*

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