When Life Gets in the Way

The central element of this blog has been an attempt at honesty about our financial situation. I’ve attempted to be brutally transparent about our financial problems and our quest to fix it. So over the last month, as life has happened in our family, I’ve tried to figure out how to share what we’ve been growing through in a productive way.


It’s easy, when you’re writing about financial issues, reading about financial issues, discussing financial issues, to get caught up in the idea that those financial issues are the only focus that is important.  The last month in our family has proven that is not true.  As our schedules have gotten busier and busier, we have been dealing with relationship issues, and other things have come up, we’ve had to put a lot of our financial plans and goals on the back-burner.


One of the important results of this focus shift is the reduction of hours that we are both working.  We’ve really needed to focus on our family over the last month, and it’s become impossible to sustain the amount of hours that we were both working AND maintain the focus on our family that we have needed.  Of course, fewer hours = fewer dollars, so we haven’t earned as much money this last month as we had hoped.  Some of this may change in the next month, but most of it won’t.  Add to this the fact that Baseball Season has started (a major event in our home), recital season is upon us, and you have a recipe for Too Much to Do.


What’s that mean for DownsWithDebt?  Mostly it means a shift in focus.  I’m still going to be writing about financial issues, including getting out of debt, but our sense of urgency on paying off every dollar of debt that we owe is being put on the back-burner for now. From a practical standpoint, here’s what we’re left with:



We have one final credit card we need to pay off that currently totals $4,731.  We will definitely be making at least minimum payments on that, and now that we have taken care of all of our consumer debt (excluding the car note), we will hopefully have money left in the budget to make up some ground. We’re satisfied, though, because we no longer feel like we are losing ground.


So basically, we’re going to be a one-income-family for the next few months (at least).  I have hopes that I’ll be able to make use of some of my creative hobbies (crochet, piano) to supplement that income, but it won’t be something that will be a steady income. And, of course, I’m hoping DownsWithDebt will (eventually) become a supplement to our budget, but that’s definitely a long-term plan, and nothing that’s going to happen in the next few months.  We’ll be starting a new chapter in our family’s financial adventure, and I hope you’ll continue to follow along! :)


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7 Responses to “When Life Gets in the Way”

  1. Michelle says:

    I use my blog to keep my honest and in check also. It works great!

    • downswithdebt says:

      It definitely stretches me and makes me work harder at identifying the issues going on with our money so that I can describe them to people. One reason I love it!

  2. Jon Rhodes says:

    It's important not to obsess too much with money, so its refreshing to see your prepared to lose some hours and money in order to have a better life. Money is good, but its not everything!

  3. downswithdebt says:

    Agreed! It's definitely not everything. While we're trying to raise financially responsible kids, we also want to raise balanced ones. We can't do that if we're sacrificing family time and sanity for more money! Thanks for the comment!

  4. jai Catalano says:

    I am sure you will get it down fast. Keep at it and watch magic. Welcome to Yakezie.

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