Walk Faster, Spend Less Money

Here’s a random tip for saving money at the grocery store: Walk Quickly.

Here’s the idea: You already know that shopping with a list will help you save money, right? Once you have that list, before you even go in, think about your shopping trip as though you’re in a hurry. Remember the old game show Supermarket Sweep? Yeah, not like that. You don’t want to get kicked out of the store, after all. Just walk like you have a mission – and your mission is to get out of there spending as little money as possible!

If you’re walking slowly, ambling through the grocery store, you’re more likely to pick up things that aren’t on your list (just because you’re curious, of course, not because you intend to buy them…). If you’re walking quickly, determinedly, towards the things that are on your list, you’ll bypass everything else not, and therefore will spend less money.

This, of course, only works if you’re shopping alone. I doubt your kids or your spouse will enjoy racing through the grocery store trying to catch up with you. Then again, maybe that would be a fun game…

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