Un-Resolutions for 2012

Next week I will be posting my goals for 2012. I’m not calling them “resolutions.” For one thing, it’s cliche, which is annoying. I’m also like every other person in America –  I don’t have good luck with resolutions. I’m bound to fail, and have bad days, and something about breaking a “resolution” is so defeating that you just give up once that’s done. Instead of embracing the failure as a part of the process and growing from it, like you would with a goal, a failure completely derails a resolution. It’s depressing and frustration year after year.

So this year, I have several goals I’m writing down, but the only resolutions I’m making are unresolution. Things I’m resolving not to do in 2012. So here they are, in no particular order:

I am not joining a gym.

I’ve been tempted a couple of times in the last year.  But I just can’t make myself spend the money when I can run for free and get the same – or better – results.

I am not using credit cards.

I feel very confident about putting this one on the list.

I am not becoming a Justin Bieber fan.

Sometimes you just need to pad your list a little with things that are going to be SUPER-EASY to do. This is one of them.


So there you go. Just a few things that I plan to not do during the new year. Do you have any UNresolutions?


*I reserve the right to add to list this as I deem necessary.*

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