Throwback Thursday: How We’re Managing Schedules for 7 People

I was looking through older post drafts and came across this little gem from 2013:

As I’m sitting at my 5 year-old’s karate class, I’m thinking about all of the events that our family of 7 (with one on the way) are involved in.

Awana (Church Bible club for kids)
Baseball (2 boys)
Children’s Choir at Church
Weekly Sunday School and church services
Monday night Bible study for Mom and Dad

These are most of the weekly, routine activities we have going on in our family. Add monthly prenatal appointments, upcoming dance recital, and end of school activities. In addition to that, we have DAILY normal activities like homework, Bible study and quiet time, chores, and family time.

It’s no wonder we spend too much money eating out (at a fast food restaurant or – worse – at the concession stand at the ballpark), and end up feeling exhausted all the time. It was even worse for me when I was the one managing everyone’s schedule and telling everyone where they should be and when.

On a philosophical level, I supposed we should try to cut down our schedule. We have tried to cut activities, just like we have tried to cut expenses. We have limited each of our kids to one activity outside of school and church, but when there are 4 of them old enough to pick an activity, it adds up really quickly. If they didn’t love it, we sure wouldn’t be doing it.

So we’re trying to do two things: eliminate our guilt of not doing “everything” while we try to streamline our schedule, and put as much of our routine into the hands of our older kids as possible.

This is hilarious because since I wrote this we have:

  • had a baby
  • become the AWANA (Bible club) COMMANDERS
  • added an extra ballet class, and an extra child to dance classes
  • added band for one child, and one more in the fall
  • failed miserably at attending karate
  • decided to go to a blended model of school for my youngest three school-age kiddos, which means homeschooling two days per week
We’ve done a great job of “streamlining,” right? Well, that at least explains my sudden disappearance from the internet in general, and this blog in particular. But as we begin the next step in our educational journey (for which we’re accepting donations, by the way – HA!), I wanted to move back to chronicling our financial situation as we bring up these six crazy Downs Clowns. Hope you’ll follow along on the journey with us!

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