This Week’s Interesting Reads

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5 Killer Free Investment Tools

Interested in investing? Here are some tools to use to research your investments.


9 big money wasters

Coupons, late fees, and wasted food…all these are common waste we waste money.


Debt Validation Letter VS Debt Verification Letter: What’s the Difference?

The more we know about the debt collection process, the better prepared we will be to make good financial decisions. Read up!


Everyday Noise: The Ignored Pollution?

Not financially related, but an interesting take on the ever-present noise in our society.


Get a New Wardrobe with a Clothing Swap

I want to do this!


Generation Flux: Pete Cashmore

Interesting insight from a guy who started a (now) multi-million dollar company when he was nineteen.  He says we have to be comfortable with change – or get passed up.


5 Money Truths That Aren’t Always Obvious

Two that I need to remember: “The More You Buy, the More You Want to Buy” (Because you have to buy apps to go with the new iPad, shoes to go with the new dress, and video cards to go with the new computer…) and

“Getting Savings When You Shop Doesn’t Mean You Saved Money” (I’m pretty sure I’ve written about this before…)


‘Everything is a Remix’ examines software patents

Software patents makes for some fascinating reading…Okay, not really. Still, it’s important stuff to know, and this is a good way to learn it.


That’s it for today. Hope you enjoy reading some of the things I found interesting over the last week.


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  1. Nick says:

    Thanks for the shout out Lindsay! I'm loving the other posts, too. Great roundup!

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