Thankful for Black Friday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’ve heard one or two people mention that over the last few days. I’m sitting here working on my Black Friday shopping list, and thinking about how that relates to getting out of debt.

Lots of people avoid Black Friday like the plague. Some people go crazy over it. I think I’m somewhere in between those two extremes. I think it’s fun, I hope to get a few good deals, and enjoy time with friends.

This year things are a little different with our new financial plan. Here’s what’s different:

  • We’re working off a totally CASH budget for Christmas. I know exactly how much money I have to spend on Friday, and that’s all there is.
  • We’re cutting back on the Christmas gifts we purchase. (I’ll post more about our Christmas plans after the holiday.)
  • I’m hoping my friends & readers will help keep us accountable this Christmas season!

It’s so easy to go overboard on purchases at this time of the year.  It’s similar to going on a diet. If it’s just based on willpower, we’re sure to fail. Our mindset about spending has to change before any lasting progress can be made.

So, as I’m making a list (and checking it twice…you knew it was coming), it makes me think of all the reasons I’m thankful for our experiences of the last few months.  I feel like it’s the start of some lasting change in our family.

Happy Thanksgiving – God bless your day and your celebration. I hope you remember the many reasons we have to be thankful!

What are you doing on Black Friday? Will you brave the crowds, or hibernate at home?

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5 Responses to “Thankful for Black Friday”

  1. We did Black Friday 2 years ago and it was very memorable. Standing in line for 3 hours waiting for Toys R Us to open, however, NOT FUN. It was freezing and I was not prepared clothing wise. I've been pregnant the last two years for Black Friday so I've definitely decided to not stand in line for hours. We actually only did ok. The good part was we basically did all of our Christmas shopping that day and were finished. We came home and crashed around noon and slept until 6. (Kids were with nana and papa)

    I've been looking at online deals and since we do have a good budget for the girls I feel like whatever I'm able to buy with it is plenty for them! Have fun!

  2. Jeremy D says:

    I'm just glad to get to be home sleeping while you're out with the nuts!

  3. Granny says:

    I love BF because of the fun and excitement. Can't say I've ever gotten good deals. I will miss you guys this year. We will be going to Red River to ck out the shops and sites.

  4. Paula says:

    You guys can do it! We've been debt free for 6 years and the freedom is awesome! We still use a cash Christmas budget but I limit my Black Friday shopping because I don't like to carry a lot of cash out with all the crazies.

  5. [...] it and bring it home” thing and more of an “enjoy the journey” experience. Take Black Friday, for example. I don’t go shopping on Black Friday for the sales. (Don’t get me wrong [...]

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