Spending Money! (Weekend Recovery Edition)

I got to spend the entire weekend away with girlfriends. I’m recovering this Monday morning from staying up too late three nights in a row, and not having time to record all of my spending for the weekend. What are YOU recovering from this Monday morning?

The weekend was great not just because of a lot of fun (though it WAS a lot of fun), but also because of some great ladies that I got to hear speak! One was Crystal from Money Saving Mom. It was great to hear in person someone who I’ve been reading for a long time!

Crystal got me started in a large way on the financial journey we are on. God put her in my path at a time that I was looking for ways to save our family money on groceries. Once I got that under control, I started making a family budget. After I got that down, I started looking for ways to pay off our debt. That’s when we created this site, and you know the rest! (If you don’t, read this.)

Crystal was such an inspiration to me! She’s just a regular mom, just like me, trying to do the best she can for her God and her family. How encouraging to know us “regular” people can do some exciting things, too!

There were several other speakers there, most of whom are affiliated with Mom Life Today. It was a special weekend full of inspiration and encouragement, and I’m ready to jump back into to our family and financial journey.

I hope every one of you get the chance to have an energizing and refreshing weekend like this sometime soon! We all need them every once in a while.

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