About Us

Is it possible to have a fun, exciting, meaningful life without spending a lot of money? Can a family of 7 really survive without a Wii? How do we make good decisions in order to leave a better legacy for our children?

This blog is a chronicle of our family’s quest to answer these questions and to get rid of our debt.  Our journey into debt was the same as many families’: lack of education about financial things, little (or no) self-control, poor planning, the list could go on.  It didn’t take us long to get in financial trouble.

Unfortunately, the journey out of debt is never and quick and easy as the journey into it.  It takes work. Sacrifice. Hard choices.  That’s what we want to share with you.  We hope you’ll find some encouragement in hearing our story, and we’d love for you to share your own. Maybe we can encourage each other to do the hard stuff it takes to make a better life for our family and our children.




Affiliate Links

Just a quick word about the Amazon affiliate links you may find on my site and in my posts.  I’ve tried very hard to only recommend items that I either have direct experience with or would spend money on myself (IF I wouldn’t get fussed at by every one of my readers!), so if you see something that makes you wonder, feel free to ask!

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