Rubber Bands and Wasting Money – Interesting Reads 3/14/12

Interesting ways to use a rubber band. I’m pretty sure this can save you about $5 per year if you use it right. My favorite: Distinguishing drinking glasses (putting a different color on each family member’s glass) and wiping off a paint brush (by putting the band around a paint can).


Changing your default ways of handling money will change your outcome.  Favorite quote from this article: Incentives change behavior!


This article has the best financial quote ever: “…you may not be wasting enough money to stay motivated.”


Read an interesting perspective on what it takes to be wealthy.


Ideas on saving money at the grocery store. What do you think saves more money: Going fewer times per month and buying more? Or going more often and buying less each time?


Interesting way of thinking about dividing up your income.



I’ve joined the the Yakezie Challenge, a personal finance blog network. They showcase a lot of excellent finance sites – take some time to browse and read something good!

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