Plastic Jungle – Get Rid of Your Gift Cards!

I’ve written before about how much I dislike gift cards. Just in case you were planning on buying me one, though, I thought I’d let you know that would be okay.  And here’s why.


I recently came across this website: PlasticJungle. The site will buy your gift cards and sell them to others who are looking for those cards at a discounted rate.  I’ve looked at it before, but since I had never used it, I was hesitant to recommend it.


Last week, after taking an online survey, my husband received a $25 GameStop gift card in the mail.  We’ve gotten these before, and always used them to purchase extra controllers for our Wii or a game the kids were wanting badly. This time, though, we didn’t have anything we needed – or even wanted – so we had no idea what to do with the card.  Then I remembered this website, so I thought I would give it a shot.


Because they sell the gift cards at a discount, you don’t get the full value of the gift card when you sell it to them.  They make it very clear how much the gift card is worth upfront, and according to the research I did, they are offering more than similar sites.  We were able to sell the $25 gift card for $20.  The money was deposited into our PayPal account just like the said – about 1 week after we sent them the card.  (If we had chosen an Amazon gift card instead, we could have gotten $1 or $2 more for the gift card, but we wanted the cash.)


Obviously, this isn’t ideal if you want to get the absolute most value for the money on the card. (If you can sell it to a friend for the full amount, you’ll probably be doing better.) But if you can’t get money for it any other way, it’s better than tossing the gift card in a drawer – or even worse, buying something you don’t need. (I always end up spending “just a few more dollars” whenever I do that.)  They seem to be a very reputable company and we had a great experience with them.

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