One Easy Way to Save Money

Surviving a shopping trip with all five kids is quite the feat.

Doing it while saving money is almost a miracle.

Shelf Cost: $141.43

Coupons and Gift Cards Savings: 51.05 Total

Total Spent: 90.38

36% savings, if I did the math right.


That was worth about 1 hour of work before going to the store, especially because that hour included the time it took to make my grocery list, and without making that list I most certainly would have spent more and gotten less.

So if you’ve been wondering how to save money on food, this might be an incentive to learn about coupons.

Here’s some websites I use to do coupon research:

Money Saving Mom

A Full Cup

Southern Savers

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2 Responses to “One Easy Way to Save Money”

  1. Tom says:

    This is also after-tax money. You can bump the comparable "earned money" value of any savings by about 17.5% even if you're in the bottom tax bracket. If some of your income is from self-employment, this savings is even greater, around 25% at the margin in the bottom tax brackets. So saving $20 after-tax for an hour's effort is the equivalent of earning $25 an hour on marginal self-employed income.

  2. Indranil says:

    Read through some of your posts. Try to do some bulk purchase (to get some discounts). Calculate how much you need over the next 4-6 months of any item (preferable items I like are soaps of all types, washing powders, talcum/deos, etc.), watch out for deals on them and stock up for 4-6 months. That way, the deals will last you for 4-6 months. I have been practicing this over the last 2 years and I know it has on an average saved me around 14-15% consistently.

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