Off Topic: Don’t Sound Like an Idiot

This article was recommended to me by a friend and I thought I’d share. I didn’t expect to read anything new, but I did.

Say these words – out loud – and then check the article to see if you’re saying them correctly. You might be surprised!

  • Athlete
  • Escape/Espresso/Et cetera
  • Nuclear
  • Prescription/Prerogative
  • Utmost
  • Candidate
  • Sherbet
  • Awry
  • “For all intents and purposes”
  • Often
  • Next week I’ll be posing my goals for 2012. Until then, let me know what your UNresolutions are!

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    2 Responses to “Off Topic: Don’t Sound Like an Idiot”

    1. Prerogative is the one I goof the most.

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