Numbers Update

Updated the thermometer to reflect our payments being made today.


The Good News

We managed to save over $1000 and make a settlement payment of over $1000 – all in the last 45 days!


The Bad News

One late fee and interest fees on one card made our “minimum payment” completely ineffective.









This is why credit cards are such an idiotic thing to have! Especially when you don’t make the payment on time…A minimum payment of $37 with a late fee of $30.46 and interest of $19.09 results in a net INCREASE in the amount owed on this card of $12.55.  Not exactly what we were going for…


So, lessons learned this month:

1. Keep selling stuff. (Our Amazon and eBay sales for the last month have contributed greatly to the money we’ve managed to save in the last month and a half.)

2. Pay the stupid credit card bills on time.


What other lessons should we have learned this month?

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