How to Turn Your Crap into Cash



How would you like to get rid of your broken junk and make cash at the same time? Sell it on eBay!


I’ve talked about selling on eBay before, but over the last few months we’ve discovered the truth of the phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  So if you have some junk lying around, think twice before you throw it away.


We’ve made over $150 in the last month just by selling things that were otherwise useless to us.  Worse than useless, really – they would have cost us money to repair.  We’ve sold two broken DSi’s and a laptop this way and made about $50 on each one.  In fact, we sold our car the same way (but on Craigslist).  Even though the items were broken, there is bound to be someone who can use them for parts or thinks they can fix them.  As long as you list the item’s condition clearly when you sell the product, both you and the buyer can profit from the transaction.


That’s just one quick way you can make some extra money with very little effort.

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