Halloween Reading

Here are a few interesting links for this “holiday.”

(My kids, by the way, don’t understand why it’s a “holiday” if you don’t get out of school for it.)

Why You Should Do Things You’re Bad At
Despite the horrible grammar in the title, it’s an interesting article on why we should continually challenge ourselves in areas where we’re not as strong.  One result: It makes the days seem longer. Even if it doesn’t add years to your life (which is might), it at least makes the time SEEM like years longer!

Things You’re Wasting Your Money On
Not a whole lot new here, but it might be worth a look if you need to be reminded not to spend money on more cable channels than you really need.

7 Tips for Storing Children’s Clothes
Mama’s Laundry Talk is one of my favorite blogs – probably since laundry is the one area with which I struggle the most around this household full of 7 people, a dog and a cat. These are some great tips, and I’m going to start storing my kids’ off-season clothes in XL Ziploc Bags in order to save space!

Killer Gas Prices and Six Ways to Fight Back
I’m actually only including this link because it irritates me (the concept, not the article or writer themselves). Don’t warm up your car? Don’t leave the engine running? These are neither new nor effective tips, in my opinion.  We might as well call this category “done” and just label it “Gas Prices Suck and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It.”

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