Get Out of Debt According to Google

An insight into human nature and money - especially as it relates to debt

“Get out of debt” and “lose weight” are two of the most commonly searched phrases on Google.  What does that say about American culture?

Here’s a few other interesting things I found doing some research on Google.  Compare the results for these search phrases:

get out of debt fast”:       7.140.000 searches

get out of debt“:             29.600.000 searches

free money fast“:           56.100.000 searches

loans fast“:                   135.000.000 searches

What does it say about our culture when over 4 times as many people are searching for ways to get loans as are searching for ways to get out of debt?

Obviously, I am the last person in America in the position to make a judgement about the way people choose to spend their money. But it’s worrisome from a societal standpoint when there are so many people who are defaulting on their mortgages and credit card payments, but retail sales and car sales are up for 2012!  I’m not a financial expert, but I even I know there’s something wrong with that scenario.

We want change in our finances. We want it fast. But we also want it without sacrifice.

How do we fix this? Can it be fixed?

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  1. Leanne says:

    We were watching the news before Thanksgiving and they had a bit on called "hungry in america" which actually very good. It was about people like us who work hard but just don't make enough money and some people have had to get food stamps. It is sad and I know that feeling but during the interview with one of those families the wife pulls out her smart phone to google something! Even Jeremy caught that one and commented, Don't you think if you couldn't buy food for your family you would give up the smart phone? Interesting.

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