Embarrassing Friday Update

My goal on this blog is to be as honest and transparent as I can. (Within the realm of safety, that is.)  So, even though this is a post I hate to write, here’s our horrible financial update for the month of March.


You might remember this post where I told you that our lives had gotten so extremely busy and crisis-filled that we have taken a break from our major get-out-of-debt push.  As an unintended consequence of that decision, we evidently decided we weren’t going to worry about our spending AT ALL.  As a result:


Some notes on the chart (otherwise entitled “Why It’s Not Quite as Bad as it Looks”):

  • We had $700 budgeted for groceries (a difference of $240 excess spending)
  • We had about $200 budgeted for restaurants (a difference of almost $700)
  • Extracurricular includes ballet and baseball – this was a big month for baseball spending
  • Entertainment included a budgeted $400 for a new iPad. The other $400 was un-budgeted spending


As you can see, we had a fun month! We did some fun things with the kids, bought some fun toys, and basically just “coasted” through the month of March. I ended up with a couple of questions:

  • Where the heck did we get all that money? 
  • How do we keep this from happening next month?


My first course of action was to label all of our spending (hence this blog post).  My next course of action was to send my husband this instant message:

We agreed that, after the budget is approved for the month of April, there will be no extra spending unless we both agree.  (And since I know I’ll have to write another post like this next month, I’m thinking I’ll have some motivation not to spend any extra money in April!)


So, are we the only one who have months like this where we completely blow it? Come on…be honest! 

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2 Responses to “Embarrassing Friday Update”

  1. Julie says:

    My question is what is you income?!! Sheesh! I would love to budget $700 in for the month on groceries/household, let alone all that other money! We are on a MUCH smaller budget than you all. We have 5 of us and we try to stay close to $250 on groceries/household a month. But we blew it last month too. We spent about $500 and I about DIED when I counted it up. Ours wasn't for fun though, all kids were sick for two weeks which led to medical expenses, medicines, humidifier purchase, a few nights eating out, and more money spent on gas… so it not only affected the grocery bill but everything else.

    • downswithdebt says:

      I\’d love to hear how you get by on $250/month for groceries – maybe we\’re doing something wrong! :)

      Does your grocery budget also include paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.? I think we lump everything intro \”groceries\” that doesn\’t fit into another budget item sometimes.

      This month we\’ve had to pare down to $300 for the entire month, so we\’re really going to have to come up with some creative ideas!

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