Charity is for Suckers and iPad 3 Announcements – Interesting Reads This Week

As someone who’s interested in buying a new iPad, I’m following the iPad 3 announcements for several reasons. One is curiosity – is it that much better than the iPad 2 that I’d really want to spend the extra money? Another is timing – when is the best time to buy an iPad 2 for rock-bottom price?  According to this chart, it will be after the iPad 3 is available.  I also think it’s very interesting that so many people are rushing to get rid of their (“awesome”?) iPad 2 in preparation for the new model coming out. There’s always a newer model…


As a firm believer in capitalism, I’ve always been against minimum wage, but I never knew why – until now.  Interesting article on the mathematics of the minimum wage. I’m bookmarking this one to come back to it later.


Charity is for suckers. Seriously, that’s what this article is called. I’m not sure if I agree with him or not, but it’s an interesting – and inspiring -story.


Cheap Fitness isn’t really.  They start off good – go for a walk, or a run, use what you have on hand. Then they quickly digress into ” low cost, all-purpose purchases” that a) aren’t that low-cost (have you ever tried to find a cheap rebounder? – even $30 for an “extra” piece of fitness equipment is too much, in my opinion) and b) you probably won’t use all that much even if you do buy them.  This article could have been finished after the first paragraph. (So why did I include it here? I guess to make myself feel better…?  Seriously, I WISH this article had more good information in it. Like how to make use of what you already have on hand to add to your fitness routine, maybe some YouTube clips for free workouts, that kind of thing.  Somebody should write a blog post about that…)


Classic Money Habits Part 1 and Part 2 - Nothing ground-breaking here, but my favorites are (parenthesis mine):

“Be a Boss” (not a victim) and

“Ignore Dumb Financial Advice” (from dumb people)


That’s all for today. Happy Wednesday, and happy reading!






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  1. Thank you for mentioning — it's much appreciated!

  2. Granny says:

    I tried to read the "until now" article on minimum wage. When you can put it in plain English, let me know what it says!

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