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Throwback Thursday: How We’re Managing Schedules for 7 People

I was looking through older post drafts and came across this little gem from 2013: As I’m sitting at my 5 year-old’s karate class, I’m thinking about all of the events that our family of 7 (with one on the way) are involved in. Awana (Church Bible club for kids) Baseball (2 boys) Ballet Karate […]

Unplanned Pregnancy – Finances Edition

We had a plan. This is not it. Our “baby” was 2, and we could officially say we were out of the baby phase. We were moving on to middle school, baseball, potty training (for the last time), ballet recitals – we completely changed gears mentally. So what’s the first thing we did? Purged all […]

Math App Review & Giveaway

My husband’s company has recently developed a math practice app called Math Gnomes that we’ve had a lot of fun with. The kids have each downloaded it to their iPods, and have spent quite a bit of time playing. My 11 year-old son calls it “addicting,” “always different,” and says it can change from easier […]

It’s My Fault, But…

  Anyone who has kids knows that the word “But” is ingrained in every child’s vocabulary from birth.  (As my 4 year old would be quick to point out, I’m talking about the “good kind” of “but” – not the “bad kind.”)  They’re well-versed in excuses like, “But I didn’t mean to throw the ball in […]

My husband just threatened me…

He said, “I’m considering not shaving til we get out of debt!” Talk about a motivator!

Down with Debt!

  Sometimes life feels like a highway. The ride is smooth, you’re cruising along quickly, getting where you want to be. Other times, life feels like this bumpy path. It’s rough going, it’s hard to get your footing, and you don’t know what’s around the next turn. That’s where we are. Our family has been […]

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