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Coupons Go Sitcom!

2 Broke Girls features the “Coupon Queen” smackdown:    

Grocery Shopping Savings – Without Coupons!


Grocery Shopping & Saving This Weekend

I only went to two stores this weekend, but thanks to Walmart’s price-matching policy I was able to save a good bit of money on cereal and milk, so I stocked up a bit.   The total shelf value of my purchases was: 89.32 Total saved by price-matching at Walmart: 4.80 Total saved with coupons: […]

One Easy Way to Save Money

Surviving a shopping trip with all five kids is quite the feat. Doing it while saving money is almost a miracle. Shelf Cost: $141.43 Coupons and Gift Cards Savings: 51.05 Total Total Spent: 90.38 36% savings, if I did the math right.   That was worth about 1 hour of work before going to the […]

Does it Cost Money to Save Money?

Clipping coupons, looking at sales papers. Shopping around for better rates on car insurance. Researching before a major purchase. Money saving experts typically recommend these types of strategies when asked how to save money. They have one thing in common: they take time. When does it stop being worth it? I have five kids – […]

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