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Why I Spent $50 on a Pair of Jeans

Alternately titled “Why Shopping at American Eagle Makes Me Feel Good” It’s not supposed to, I know. I’m not supposed to get excited about shopping.  I’m supposed to be very unemotional about it, spend as little money as possible, and get out of there as quickly as I can! But I don’t when I shop […]

The Reason You’re Not Out of Debt Yet

Imagine your friend comes to you for advice. He has a ton of consumer debt, and asks you to tell him ONE THING that he needs to know. That’s all he has time for: ONE THING. What would you tell him?   Would you tell him about the debt snowball method? Or maybe you’d advise […]

When Life Gets in the Way

The central element of this blog has been an attempt at honesty about our financial situation. I’ve attempted to be brutally transparent about our financial problems and our quest to fix it. So over the last month, as life has happened in our family, I’ve tried to figure out how to share what we’ve been growing […]

Kony 2012

Sometimes things catch our attention that stir us to think of things outside what we consider our “realm of expertise.”  This was one of those things for me.  I pray you’ll take the time to watch this video and see how you can get involved.   KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

What Having One Car Can Teach You About Money

One of the biggest decisions our family made when we decided to get out of debt was to sell our second car. There were a lot of factors that went in to this decision (the car needed major repairs and we needed immediate cash, among other things), so ultimately we found ourselves living with one […]

Picky Poor People or Snobby Rich Ones?

I read a very interesting article on a new blog yesterday.  In it, the author posted this question: Are poor people less picky? She is asking whether poor people are more grateful for what they have, and less snobby about what they spend their money on. Are they more ready to accept hand-me-down clothes (and […]

Off Topic: MI State Quarterback Kirk Cousin’s – Excellent Speech

This has very little to do with money, but I was so impressed with this guy’s speech.  He’s very articulate and well-spoken, and had some great things to say about how privilege leads to responsibility, not entitlement.   In a culture where most kids are focused on obtaining more and more stuff, it’s good to hear that […]

Un-Resolutions for 2012

Next week I will be posting my goals for 2012. I’m not calling them “resolutions.” For one thing, it’s cliche, which is annoying. I’m also like every other person in America –  I don’t have good luck with resolutions. I’m bound to fail, and have bad days, and something about breaking a “resolution” is so […]

“Hunger and Poverty in America” 60 Minutes Segment

A friend told me about this 60 Minute segment dealing with Hunger and Poverty in the midst of this hard economic time.  (This video was March 2011.) Here are some statistics they presented: “Poverty” is considered a family of four making less than $22,000/year. Currently, an estimated 25% of children are included in this statistic. […]

Get Out of Debt According to Google

“Get out of debt” and “lose weight” are two of the most commonly searched phrases on Google.  What does that say about American culture? Here’s a few other interesting things I found doing some research on Google.  Compare the results for these search phrases: “get out of debt fast”:       7.140.000 searches “get […]

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