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Don’t Blame Apple When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

This morning I read on TUAW’s website, and I thought I would share our family’s story. We downloaded a game on our kids’ iPad, and two days later had a $200 bill show up in our checking account. We immediately thought “fraud,” cancelled the number, requested a new card, did all the usual things. Eventually […]

Scary Savings on Halloween Costumes

These guys are the reason this blog exists, the reason we struggle with debt, the purpose of our priorities and hard work.   In the scheme of our financial plan, Halloween costumes are on the bottom of the list. In the bigger picture of our kids’ happiness and enjoyment of their childhood, though, it plays […]

Who Says Basketball Doesn’t Have Raquets?

Recently on Facebook, I spent an afternoon complaining about the cost of organized sports for my kids.  I got a LOT of responses to that post, and I realized that we’re not the only family dealing with this particular Budget Buster in our culture today. This particular event was basketball.  After paying $20 towards the […]

What My 10 Year-Old Can Teach You About Earning Money

So, every once in a while, your kids will do something that makes you feel like you might be – just maybe – doing something right. I had a day like that this week.  Yesterday, my oldest son (10) asked me what he could do to earn more money to help us get out of […]

Teaching Kids Responsibility With ChorePad & GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday I told you about a new way I’m talking to our kids about chores.  That is something I definitely plan to continue, but I’m are doing that in addition to regular household chores, not instead of. There are several reasons for this, but a big one is financial.  In order for my kids to earn money, […]

Kids Can’t Learn Responsibility…

…if They’re Never Not Responsible for Anything Do you remember The Music Man? It’s my favorite musical of all time. My favorite part (other than 76 Trombones at the end) is the “Think Method” – whereby Professor Harold Hill instructs students to learn to play their instruments without ever actually playing the instrument. He says […]

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