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Mo’ Money Monday: Just Say No to Garage Sales

I officially hate garage sales. Maybe it’s my location, or maybe it’s my stuff, but we NEVER do well at those. I can make twice the money just selling stuff on FB to my friends. So, here’s a couple of tips for those like me who have NO SUCCESS at garage sales:   – Pick […]

Swagbucks and Surveys

I haven’t talked about Swagbucks on this blog yet, though I’ve been mentioning it to friends lately. By searching the Swagbucks toolbar, you can earn “Swagbucks” which you can redeem for gift cards, cash, and other prizes.  I’ve used it over the last two years and have probably received $30 or so in $5 increments.  […]

Mo’ Money Monday

One huge part of getting out of debt is finding more money to pay towards your debt! Mondays around here are going to be devoted to different ways we can add money to our monthly budget. Send over any suggestions or creative ideas you have! Today’s Mo’ Money idea is the Garage Sale! First, let […]

Should Twitter Users Advertise to Their Followers?

I’m all about increasing our income. When you’re trying to make a budget work, you only have two options: decrease expenses or increase income.  We’ve cut our budget over and over again, but the bottom line is that there’s only so much room to cut. With income, though, the only limit is your motivation.  So, […]

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