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Throwback Thursday: How We’re Managing Schedules for 7 People

I was looking through older post drafts and came across this little gem from 2013: As I’m sitting at my 5 year-old’s karate class, I’m thinking about all of the events that our family of 7 (with one on the way) are involved in. Awana (Church Bible club for kids) Baseball (2 boys) Ballet Karate […]

Best Way to Save Money on Medical Expenses?

  Don’t get sick!   via YouTube

Final Halloween Roundup

Halloween2012, a set on Flickr. Here’s what my kids finally decided on for Halloween. And the best part? We only spent $3!

Software Review: YNAB – and Giveaway!

I’ve been promising software reviews for several months, and have finally managed to get the first one done! YNAB is budgeting/finance management software for your computer that helps you keep track of where your expenses should go and (in their new update) where they ARE going.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the useful features, […]

Embarrassing Friday Update

My goal on this blog is to be as honest and transparent as I can. (Within the realm of safety, that is.)  So, even though this is a post I hate to write, here’s our horrible financial update for the month of March.   You might remember this post where I told you that our lives had gotten […]

Kids & Laundry – How Much is Too Much?

“Why do I have to do all these chores?” “That’s why I had kids! So I don’t have to do all the work!” Do you have those kinds of conversations in your house? No? Oh…me either… There are two extremes of thought in parenting. 1. Kids should be kids and enjoy their childhood. 2. Kids […]

Interesting Reads for the Week, 3/29/12

The Biggest Hurdle to Living Debt Free An interesting perspective on how watching TV affects our perceptions of money. Seriously, how on earth could Monica and her Friends afford to sit around the coffee shop all day every day, only rarely remembering they needed to go to work, and still afford a two bed-room, spacious […]

Spending Money! (Weekend Recovery Edition)

I got to spend the entire weekend away with girlfriends. I’m recovering this Monday morning from staying up too late three nights in a row, and not having time to record all of my spending for the weekend. What are YOU recovering from this Monday morning? The weekend was great not just because of a […]

Teaching Kids to Save by Making Them Spend

  One of the most important lessons we can teach our kids is to save money. Teaching them to save incorporates many life lessons: waiting for what they want, preparing for the future, self-control, and many more. So what is the best way to teach your kids to save? For younger kids, short-term results are […]

Signs You’re Too Poor to Shop at Walmart

So I don’t usually post on Sundays, but I figured since I’ve been sick all week and haven’t updated much, I’d share with you one of the articles I read this weekend:   This awesome article hit me exactly where I am! Let’s keep the big picture in mind when we’re trying to decide whether […]

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