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Throwback Thursday: How We’re Managing Schedules for 7 People

I was looking through older post drafts and came across this little gem from 2013: As I’m sitting at my 5 year-old’s karate class, I’m thinking about all of the events that our family of 7 (with one on the way) are involved in. Awana (Church Bible club for kids) Baseball (2 boys) Ballet Karate […]

Budget Busting Websites – TUAW

  One of the things all financial bloggers do a lot of is read.  I personally spend a lot of time reading various websites about my hobbies  and interests: finance (SWFTM, AFM, and Money Under 30 are some of my favorites), but also technology – especially anything Apple.   Once or twice I’ve seriously considered […]

On Track…for What?

    Spring and Summer were full of a LOT of adjustments for our family: We made the decision to send our (previously homeschooled) children to public school for the first time I started working a part-time job Our church ministry commitments changed and a lot more tiny things that have added up to great […]

How Much is it Possible to Disagree with One Article?

I generally agree with most of what I read on Wise Bread. It’s a site full of helpful advice, money-saving tips, and unique ideas. This article, however, really does not fit any of those categories. The author begins the post by saying: In general, I’m a cheapskate. I look for the lowest-priced deal I can […]

It’s My Fault, But…

  Anyone who has kids knows that the word “But” is ingrained in every child’s vocabulary from birth.  (As my 4 year old would be quick to point out, I’m talking about the “good kind” of “but” – not the “bad kind.”)  They’re well-versed in excuses like, “But I didn’t mean to throw the ball in […]

Goal Post

2012 is finally here! After all of the countdowns, “Best-Of’s” and “Top Tens,” we are finally in the new year. I couldn’t be more excited about it. I wrote last week about Jon Acuff’s challenge to his readers to create a Finish List – a list of up to 5 goals to complete in the new […]

Un-Resolutions for 2012

Next week I will be posting my goals for 2012. I’m not calling them “resolutions.” For one thing, it’s cliche, which is annoying. I’m also like every other person in America –  I don’t have good luck with resolutions. I’m bound to fail, and have bad days, and something about breaking a “resolution” is so […]

What Phineas and Ferb Can Teach Us About Our 2012 Goals

As a stay-at-home mother of 5, I hear a LOT of kids’ TV shows. I could probably write an entire book on children’s shows on television: The Good, The Bad, and the Just Plain Stupid.  My kids’ favorite cartoon fortunately falls into the “Good” category: Phineas and Ferb. Just in case you don’t watch children’s television, […]

Talk Me Out of Cancelling Spotify!!

Dave Ramsey categorizes people into two different spending categories: The Nerd and the Free Spirit. The Nerd is the frugal one, who enjoys budgeting, planning and saving. The Free Spirit enjoys spending, spending, and….yes, spending. Early in our marriage, I was definitely a Free Spirit, and my husband was the Nerd. Over the last year, […]

Planning to be in Debt

  “This isn’t what I had planned.”   Ever said that? Ever heard a friend say it? I’m not a saving money expert, but I have learned one thing: that sentence is not true.   Our family chose to be in debt.  We decided to spend more money than we actually had.  And we opted to deal with […]

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