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Crisis in Iraq. Please pray!

Persecution of Christians & minorities in Mosul ISIS Beheads Christian Children What we can do (according to this article): – Pray. Fervently. Corporately. Individually. Desperately. Pray. – Give. Samaritan’s Purse Christian Aid – Write. (The linked article is written in the UK, so those links won’t work for us in the US. Use these to […]

Netflix: A Year & a Half Later

I was perusing (word of the day!) some financial articles this morning, and came across this one from July, 2011.  (Click here to read the entire article.)  I’m interested to hear your opinion about Netflix a year and a half after their controversial decisions. My interest in the subject is mostly to see how the […]

Donate to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims – with iTunes

  TUAW has a post this morning letting people know how to donate to the Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Here’s the link that will open the iTunes Store and let you donate: Open in iTunes  

When Life Gets in the Way

The central element of this blog has been an attempt at honesty about our financial situation. I’ve attempted to be brutally transparent about our financial problems and our quest to fix it. So over the last month, as life has happened in our family, I’ve tried to figure out how to share what we’ve been growing […]

Kony 2012

Sometimes things catch our attention that stir us to think of things outside what we consider our “realm of expertise.”  This was one of those things for me.  I pray you’ll take the time to watch this video and see how you can get involved.   KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

Check Back Tomorrow for a Giveaway!

Our very first Downs with Debt giveaway! Looking forward to it, so make sure you come back tomorrow to check it out!


I’ve been “on vacation” for the last few days, and haven’t posted – I’m sure you’ve been very worried and wondering where I am. This week (after this morning) should get back to normal. I also have something very exciting to share – our VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY. I’ll share the details tomorrow, but get excited! […]

Am I a Blogger or a Marketer?

This article begins with the sentence, “This technology article is sponsored by Comcast Business Class, the nation’s leading communication services provider.” As soon as I read that, I knew I wasn’t going to finish the article. Why? Because I know it’s impossible to trust an author when you know he’ll be profiting off of your […]

Should Twitter Users Advertise to Their Followers?

I’m all about increasing our income. When you’re trying to make a budget work, you only have two options: decrease expenses or increase income.  We’ve cut our budget over and over again, but the bottom line is that there’s only so much room to cut. With income, though, the only limit is your motivation.  So, […]

Is “Stay-at-Home Mom” a Real Job?

Before you answer our title question, read on a little bit.  And don’t throw things at the computer screen.   I am a stay-at-home mom. I have five kids 10 and under.  So when I came across this article, I’m pretty sure I should be highly offended.  Especially since there are sentences like this in […]

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