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Netflix: A Year & a Half Later

I was perusing (word of the day!) some financial articles this morning, and came across this one from July, 2011.  (Click here to read the entire article.)  I’m interested to hear your opinion about Netflix a year and a half after their controversial decisions. My interest in the subject is mostly to see how the […]

Ever Thought of Fasting From Spending?

  I’ve been sick this week, so haven’t been able to post about my sweet kiddos’ birthday party (and my frugal and fun cake win!!), but I did want to share with you guys an interesting link I came across about financial fasting. The author and her husband, once a year, go on a financial […]

Donate to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims – with iTunes

  TUAW has a post this morning letting people know how to donate to the Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Here’s the link that will open the iTunes Store and let you donate: Open in iTunes  

Finance Can Be Fun

…or at least it can be FUNNY! Bridget at Money After Graduation says this is how she feels when she stops buying Starbucks in an effort to be more frugal. (For me, it’s Dr. Pepper.)   Or, how about when you have to say “No” to going shopping or out to eat with friends because […]

Halloween Reading

Here are a few interesting links for this “holiday.” (My kids, by the way, don’t understand why it’s a “holiday” if you don’t get out of school for it.) Why You Should Do Things You’re Bad At Despite the horrible grammar in the title, it’s an interesting article on why we should continually challenge ourselves […]

iPad Mini Fills the Void

Because it’s funny…

Free Kindle Books 10/25/2012

Check out this list of free Kindle books! (Remember you can read this on your iDevice – iPhone, iPod, iPad) – with the Kindle app.) This may not last long, so check them out and comment with which ones you downloaded!

Decisions Make Me Tired

I can now scientifically excuse being cranky when I get home from the grocery store.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to cut costs (especially on groceries), and I’ve stumbled onto an interesting area of discussion: decision making and willpower. Have you heard of decision fatigue?  It means that the quality of […]

Budget Busting Websites – TUAW

  One of the things all financial bloggers do a lot of is read.  I personally spend a lot of time reading various websites about my hobbies  and interests: finance (SWFTM, AFM, and Money Under 30 are some of my favorites), but also technology – especially anything Apple.   Once or twice I’ve seriously considered […]

Interesting Reads – August 8: Water Leaks, iOS6, and Chik-fil-A

Make sure you enter the YNAB Giveaway!   Interesting synopsis of whether or not it’s worth it to worry about minor water leaks. (Spoiler: It’s not.) “It’s Control Your Cash’s sacred duty to tear into other bloggers’ hogwash…” “Turning the water off while brushing your teeth will save significantly less than a penny.”   Round […]

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