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Who Says Basketball Doesn’t Have Raquets?

Recently on Facebook, I spent an afternoon complaining about the cost of organized sports for my kids.  I got a LOT of responses to that post, and I realized that we’re not the only family dealing with this particular Budget Buster in our culture today. This particular event was basketball.  After paying $20 towards the […]

On Track…for What?

    Spring and Summer were full of a LOT of adjustments for our family: We made the decision to send our (previously homeschooled) children to public school for the first time I started working a part-time job Our church ministry commitments changed and a lot more tiny things that have added up to great […]

3 Reasons Being Lazy Sucks

In the interest of transparency and honesty (which is one of the main tenets of this blog), I struggled with writing this post.  I wanted to give you a lot of reasons that being lazy is helpful to your debt-reduction plan (or any other financial plan you happen to be working on).  I wanted to […]

Live First, Blog Later

So I didn’t know it, but I’ve been following this advice for the last few weeks: Live your life first. Write your blog later. I wasn’t intentionally following this advice, mind you. No, it was just out of sheer desperation.  I’ve been sick for what seems like a month, baseball season is upon us (as is recital […]

Another Anti-Budget Blogger?

  I love reading these kinds of articles.  They always start off so bold and in-your-face. The headline of this one is: I Don’t Budget Because It’s Not Sexy But by 1/3 of the way through, you’re reading this paragraph: You see we have a name problem! So from now at YFS we no longer […]

Automating your Finances

Are your finances automated?  This concept seems to be everywhere right now. The basic idea is that you set up auto-drafts for your savings and your bills so you don’t have to think about them each month.  They are automatically withdrawn from your account.  Once you have the bills and savings withdrawn, any extra money […]

Talk Me Out of Cancelling Spotify!!

Dave Ramsey categorizes people into two different spending categories: The Nerd and the Free Spirit. The Nerd is the frugal one, who enjoys budgeting, planning and saving. The Free Spirit enjoys spending, spending, and….yes, spending. Early in our marriage, I was definitely a Free Spirit, and my husband was the Nerd. Over the last year, […]

More on Spending Money: Why We Do…and How Not To

  For our family, a major part of the process of getting out of debt has been changing the way we think about spending money.  Obviously, the mindset that we started with wasn’t working, so something needed to change. Search for information for terms like how to get out of debt, how to lower expenses, decrease […]

How to Not Spend Money at Target

“An alcoholic walks into a bar…” No, that’s not the start of an inappropriate joke.  It’s the way I felt when I walked into Target yesterday. I had to get new pants for two of our boys.  (They keep growing, I can’t figure it out.) [As an aside, I'm super-excited because this was money we […]

Easy Budget How-To

  What is budgeting? Dave Ramsey says a budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.  Budgeting is the single best tool that we are using to get out of debt. This one simple, straightforward technique has completely changed the way we think about and deal with money.   Why […]

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