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DIY: Deodorant?

We’re trying to save money, currently for school books and supplies. When I go into “frugal mode,” I usually focus on four things: – Saving Money with Coupons – Saving Money by DIY – Saving Money by Not Spending – Earning more income – quickly!   In my search for DIY household items, some things […]

Mo’ Money Monday: Just Say No to Garage Sales

I officially hate garage sales. Maybe it’s my location, or maybe it’s my stuff, but we NEVER do well at those. I can make twice the money just selling stuff on FB to my friends. So, here’s a couple of tips for those like me who have NO SUCCESS at garage sales:   – Pick […]

Don’t Blame Apple When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

This morning I read on TUAW’s website, and I thought I would share our family’s story. We downloaded a game on our kids’ iPad, and two days later had a $200 bill show up in our checking account. We immediately thought “fraud,” cancelled the number, requested a new card, did all the usual things. Eventually […]

Earn Points towards New Books

Tyndale Rewards program lets you take surveys, review products, and join focus groups to earn points towards new books.  Give it a shot!    

Math App Review & Giveaway

My husband’s company has recently developed a math practice app called Math Gnomes that we’ve had a lot of fun with. The kids have each downloaded it to their iPods, and have spent quite a bit of time playing. My 11 year-old son calls it “addicting,” “always different,” and says it can change from easier […]

Saving Money in the Kitchen – and Bonus Recipe!

One guaranteed way to save money that I’ve found recently: make your kitchen a place to enjoy being. I’m a lazy person. I’ll admit that straight away. I’ve put off cleaning and organizing the kitchen for a long time. Since it was dirty and cluttered, I didn’t want to be in it. It was hard […]

Ever Thought of Fasting From Spending?

  I’ve been sick this week, so haven’t been able to post about my sweet kiddos’ birthday party (and my frugal and fun cake win!!), but I did want to share with you guys an interesting link I came across about financial fasting. The author and her husband, once a year, go on a financial […]

Scary Savings on Halloween Costumes

These guys are the reason this blog exists, the reason we struggle with debt, the purpose of our priorities and hard work.   In the scheme of our financial plan, Halloween costumes are on the bottom of the list. In the bigger picture of our kids’ happiness and enjoyment of their childhood, though, it plays […]

Decisions Make Me Tired

I can now scientifically excuse being cranky when I get home from the grocery store.  I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to cut costs (especially on groceries), and I’ve stumbled onto an interesting area of discussion: decision making and willpower. Have you heard of decision fatigue?  It means that the quality of […]

Interesting Reads – August 8: Water Leaks, iOS6, and Chik-fil-A

Make sure you enter the YNAB Giveaway!   Interesting synopsis of whether or not it’s worth it to worry about minor water leaks. (Spoiler: It’s not.) “It’s Control Your Cash’s sacred duty to tear into other bloggers’ hogwash…” “Turning the water off while brushing your teeth will save significantly less than a penny.”   Round […]

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