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One of the things all financial bloggers do a lot of is read.  I personally spend a lot of time reading various websites about my hobbies  and interests: finance (SWFTM, AFM, and Money Under 30 are some of my favorites), but also technology – especially anything Apple.


Once or twice I’ve seriously considered removing the TUAW feed from Google Reader.  The reason? They are always reviewing and talking about excellent products that I am sure I need to have:

  • iPhone 5 (currently on the 4S – I’ve had it for 6 months)
  • MacBook Air (if it’s good enough for JK Rowling, it’s good enough for me, right?)
  • New apps!
  • Cases, cords, etc.

There’s never any shortage of new stuff to buy, so I’ll warn you right now – stay away from TUAW’s website if you’re easily tempted!

Life Lesson: Be content with what you have – but learn to work and save for what you want.

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