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Mo’ Money Monday

One huge part of getting out of debt is finding more money to pay towards your debt! Mondays around here are going to be devoted to different ways we can add money to our monthly budget. Send over any suggestions or creative ideas you have! Today’s Mo’ Money idea is the Garage Sale! First, let […]

3 Reasons Being Lazy Sucks

In the interest of transparency and honesty (which is one of the main tenets of this blog), I struggled with writing this post.  I wanted to give you a lot of reasons that being lazy is helpful to your debt-reduction plan (or any other financial plan you happen to be working on).  I wanted to […]

Live First, Blog Later

So I didn’t know it, but I’ve been following this advice for the last few weeks: Live your life first. Write your blog later. I wasn’t intentionally following this advice, mind you. No, it was just out of sheer desperation.  I’ve been sick for what seems like a month, baseball season is upon us (as is recital […]

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