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Embarrassing Friday Update

My goal on this blog is to be as honest and transparent as I can. (Within the realm of safety, that is.)  So, even though this is a post I hate to write, here’s our horrible financial update for the month of March.   You might remember this post where I told you that our lives had gotten […]

Kids & Laundry – How Much is Too Much?

“Why do I have to do all these chores?” “That’s why I had kids! So I don’t have to do all the work!” Do you have those kinds of conversations in your house? No? Oh…me either… There are two extremes of thought in parenting. 1. Kids should be kids and enjoy their childhood. 2. Kids […]

Interesting Reads for the Week, 3/29/12

The Biggest Hurdle to Living Debt Free An interesting perspective on how watching TV affects our perceptions of money. Seriously, how on earth could Monica and her Friends afford to sit around the coffee shop all day every day, only rarely remembering they needed to go to work, and still afford a two bed-room, spacious […]

Spending Money! (Weekend Recovery Edition)

I got to spend the entire weekend away with girlfriends. I’m recovering this Monday morning from staying up too late three nights in a row, and not having time to record all of my spending for the weekend. What are YOU recovering from this Monday morning? The weekend was great not just because of a […]

Walk Faster, Spend Less Money

Here’s a random tip for saving money at the grocery store: Walk Quickly. Here’s the idea: You already know that shopping with a list will help you save money, right? Once you have that list, before you even go in, think about your shopping trip as though you’re in a hurry. Remember the old game […]

Why I Spent $50 on a Pair of Jeans

Alternately titled “Why Shopping at American Eagle Makes Me Feel Good” It’s not supposed to, I know. I’m not supposed to get excited about shopping.  I’m supposed to be very unemotional about it, spend as little money as possible, and get out of there as quickly as I can! But I don’t when I shop […]

The Reason You’re Not Out of Debt Yet

Imagine your friend comes to you for advice. He has a ton of consumer debt, and asks you to tell him ONE THING that he needs to know. That’s all he has time for: ONE THING. What would you tell him?   Would you tell him about the debt snowball method? Or maybe you’d advise […]

Rubber Bands and Wasting Money – Interesting Reads 3/14/12

Interesting ways to use a rubber band. I’m pretty sure this can save you about $5 per year if you use it right. My favorite: Distinguishing drinking glasses (putting a different color on each family member’s glass) and wiping off a paint brush (by putting the band around a paint can).   Changing your default […]

When Life Gets in the Way

The central element of this blog has been an attempt at honesty about our financial situation. I’ve attempted to be brutally transparent about our financial problems and our quest to fix it. So over the last month, as life has happened in our family, I’ve tried to figure out how to share what we’ve been growing […]

Kony 2012

Sometimes things catch our attention that stir us to think of things outside what we consider our “realm of expertise.”  This was one of those things for me.  I pray you’ll take the time to watch this video and see how you can get involved.   KONY 2012 from INVISIBLE CHILDREN on Vimeo.

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