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Charity is for Suckers and iPad 3 Announcements – Interesting Reads This Week

As someone who’s interested in buying a new iPad, I’m following the iPad 3 announcements for several reasons. One is curiosity – is it that much better than the iPad 2 that I’d really want to spend the extra money? Another is timing – when is the best time to buy an iPad 2 for […]

What Having One Car Can Teach You About Money

One of the biggest decisions our family made when we decided to get out of debt was to sell our second car. There were a lot of factors that went in to this decision (the car needed major repairs and we needed immediate cash, among other things), so ultimately we found ourselves living with one […]

Spending Psychology and Progress Update 2/27/12

  I wanted to check in with a progress update for the week. We haven’t paid off any more debt this month (though I’m still really proud of the amount we paid off at the beginning of February!). In fact, the last half of February has been a study in “how much of our budget […]

Last Day for Our ChorePad Giveaway!

Don’t forget to enter to win the best iPad app in the AppStore! Find out how to enter here.

What My 10 Year-Old Can Teach You About Earning Money

So, every once in a while, your kids will do something that makes you feel like you might be – just maybe – doing something right. I had a day like that this week.  Yesterday, my oldest son (10) asked me what he could do to earn more money to help us get out of […]

First Truth for Getting Out of Debt

This Week’s Interesting Reads

Don’t forget to sign up for our ChorePad for iPhone and iPad giveway!   5 Killer Free Investment Tools Interested in investing? Here are some tools to use to research your investments.   9 big money wasters Coupons, late fees, and wasted food…all these are common waste we waste money.   Debt Validation Letter VS […]

Teaching Kids Responsibility With ChorePad & GIVEAWAY!

Yesterday I told you about a new way I’m talking to our kids about chores.  That is something I definitely plan to continue, but I’m are doing that in addition to regular household chores, not instead of. There are several reasons for this, but a big one is financial.  In order for my kids to earn money, […]

Check Back Tomorrow for a Giveaway!

Our very first Downs with Debt giveaway! Looking forward to it, so make sure you come back tomorrow to check it out!

Kids Can’t Learn Responsibility…

…if They’re Never Not Responsible for Anything Do you remember The Music Man? It’s my favorite musical of all time. My favorite part (other than 76 Trombones at the end) is the “Think Method” – whereby Professor Harold Hill instructs students to learn to play their instruments without ever actually playing the instrument. He says […]

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