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One Easy Way to Save Money

Surviving a shopping trip with all five kids is quite the feat. Doing it while saving money is almost a miracle. Shelf Cost: $141.43 Coupons and Gift Cards Savings: 51.05 Total Total Spent: 90.38 36% savings, if I did the math right.   That was worth about 1 hour of work before going to the […]

Little Known Ways to Fail

Sharing success is easier than sharing failure. “Wait a minute,” you’re thinking. “Isn’t this entire blog about failure?” Why, yes. It is. BUT since I started writing, I’ve been able to share some pretty significant successes. So I guess a failure was bound to come along sooner or later. After reevaluating our last few weeks, […]

What Would You Do to Save $1,302?

I received this email from Best Buy. The subject line said, “Shop Cyber Monday Sale; Save Over $1300 on Samsung 60″ HDTV.” As intended, this caught my attention.  “Wow,” I thought. “I can save $1,300!” Since I’m all about saving money right now, I opened the email, and learned a few things. “Shop Cyber Monday […]


Debt problems are rarely just a financial problem. Many factors contribute to how we manage (or mismanage) our money: emotions, circumstances, outside pressures, conflict with spouses/family, the weather… Our family’s issues have mainly been over self-control and our mindset about money. Like typical Americans, we want what we want, when we want it, and feel […]

Thanksgiving Thankful List

Here are some things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving: My husband – we’re working hard together on this “get out of debt” journey, and it’s stretching us both. We will be better people and a better couple when this is all over. My children – All five of my sweethearts keep us busy, and bring […]

Thankful for Black Friday

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’ve heard one or two people mention that over the last few days. I’m sitting here working on my Black Friday shopping list, and thinking about how that relates to getting out of debt. Lots of people avoid Black Friday like the plague. Some people go crazy over it. I […]

Does it Cost Money to Save Money?

Clipping coupons, looking at sales papers. Shopping around for better rates on car insurance. Researching before a major purchase. Money saving experts typically recommend these types of strategies when asked how to save money. They have one thing in common: they take time. When does it stop being worth it? I have five kids – […]

Maintaining Momentum

Dave Ramsey calls it “Gazelle-like intensity.”  Some people call it “will-power.” I just call it “hard.” So, when I’m asking myself the question, “How can I get out of debt?” I also have to answer another question: “How do I keep making sacrifices after I don’t feel like it anymore?” I love eating out. It’s […]

Research and Recommendations

It’s been quite a week! We’ve been so surprised at the support and encouragement from all of our friends – old and new – and people we’ve never even met.  It’s going to be an exciting road, and I’m looking forward to journeying down it. I’ve received quite a few recommendations and interesting links this […]

Where it Hurts

(Just as a reminder, here’s where we’re starting from.) Yesterday I told you how we sold the kids’ Wii. We talked to our kids about “sacrifice” and “delayed gratification”.  Well, today, Jeremy got to practice those two things.  We sold his car.  (Before you ask, yes – I’ve felt it, too. I had to sell […]

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